So and so….

Just read an article from Fast Company that explains why you shouldn’t use the word “so” at the beginning of sentences for the following reasons:

1 – It insults your audience. (Sorry, audience – I guess I should apologize).

2 – It undermines your credibility. (That assumes you had any to begin with….)

3 – It demonstrates you’re not 100% comfortable with what you’re saying/doing. (That would be accurate. This is all an adventure.)

Here’s the entire article.

This has absolutely nothing do with renovating a building or with 1651 Portland. I just thought I should address the use of the word in the very first post.

What lies beneath…

So. It’s my favorite time of year!!! Not Derby….junk pickup! Really (and kind of ridiculously) excited about that.

Stopped by after work yesterday and pulled up the nasty carpet in the loft area. Talk about disgusting. I guess it was a rose color at some point, but now looks brown/tan/rust.

Last winter, we got the last of the file boxes out. They dated back to 1988. Still have to remove all the broken drywall, but we’ll get a dumpster in the next few weeks for that.


I guess before the space was used to store files, it had been a “bedroom” or play area for a child. Found a few things under the carpet, including:

A doll dress
A plastic key
A card for a game called Blackout
A page from a detailers magazine advertising dice-shaped tire stem covers…I forget what they’re called


A piece of paper with a questionable drawing on it – the writing says: Pickle sale Wed. Cost .50, Pre-K

stuff under the carpet

Get ready for your close-up

So. A media event came and went in the vacant lots next to 1651 Portland. The lots are going to a natural dyes project. Kind of disappointed since we tried to take them on ourselves.

We just didn’t want a parking lot or something gross going in – but once you started putting in the effort to achieve something it’s hard to step away when you don’t get it.

At any rate – there will be flowers which is a good thing. We still have to tuckpoint that side and fix some drainage issues, but maybe it will be okay. We’ll see!

I went out after work the night before the announcement and put another coat of paint on that side. I painted it last year, but it was cheap paint and wore off quickly from the weathered wood. Plus some yahoos at some point used that stupid “Great Stuff” spray foam insulation to fill every gap rather than trimming it out – you just can’t paint that stuff. Until we’re ready to replace the old siding with something else it will have to do.

Had a hard time reaching the top because an armada of bees kept hovering. They would come out in formation and nudge me out of their area. They were pretty aggressive. They must live under the gutter boards – which we need to remove and replace. Not sure how I’m going to manage that – very gingerly, I suppose.

A robin came in the back garage door and couldn’t find its way out. It kept chirping and banging into the windows. Tried to shoo it out, but it wasn’t having that. I hope it gets out, otherwise it might die from lack of water. What’s the superstition? A bird in the house means death? Something like that. Bummer. /:(

So. We bought this building….

About a year ago, we bought this building. We love working on it. We have a goal to restore/remodel it. Live in it. And do it as debt-free as possible.

Along the way we want to do something commercial. Something good for the neighborhood combined with things we’re good at or enjoy. We’re open to ideas.

But, essentially – for now and for us – it’s an expensive side project.

We started using the space in 2009. We needed room to do a couple of Gallopalooza horses. Then we used it for storage for the things we sold at The Flea off Market. We were thrilled when we finally had the opportunity to buy it in 2013.

We know it’s a bit of a mess. We’re working on it. Please look at it with kind eyes. It’s been around a while and seen a lot.

So far, we’ve spent our time hauling out 20 years of trash and debris. Had a break-in resulting in all of our tools stolen. Made friends with some little boys in the neighborhood:  One likes books, one likes Cheetos, one is having trouble with reading at school. We’ve found vodka bottles and hydrocodone prescription bottles in the walls. Some bullets. The leg of a GI Joe action figure. A buried pet bird. A bone – probably a dog. A WWII lead soldier.

Keep an eye on it – good things are happening.

Lots of people are interested in the neighborhood of late. Lots of cars stopping and looking. We just thought we’d share a little info.

You can contact us through this site or by calling 502.322.6699.