What lies beneath…

So. It’s my favorite time of year!!! Not Derby….junk pickup! Really (and kind of ridiculously) excited about that.

Stopped by after work yesterday and pulled up the nasty carpet in the loft area. Talk about disgusting. I guess it was a rose color at some point, but now looks brown/tan/rust.

Last winter, we got the last of the file boxes out. They dated back to 1988. Still have to remove all the broken drywall, but we’ll get a dumpster in the next few weeks for that.


I guess before the space was used to store files, it had been a “bedroom” or play area for a child. Found a few things under the carpet, including:

A doll dress
A plastic key
A card for a game called Blackout
A page from a detailers magazine advertising dice-shaped tire stem covers…I forget what they’re called


A piece of paper with a questionable drawing on it – the writing says: Pickle sale Wed. Cost .50, Pre-K

stuff under the carpet

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