Spring cleaning

Busy weekend. As always. Derby, junk set-out, gardening. We totally missed the Derby because we were working. Too beautiful a day to stay inside.

Finally got the concrete block side completely cleaned out – except for some things going to Goodwill. Everything takes longer than preferred, but it’s looking good.


Before 040613

Boarded up windows. Junk knee-high. The stormwater drains backed up a couple of years ago and flooded the front area. Everything that was stored in there was ruined (not our stuff – previous inhabitants) and left to disintegrate. Pretty nasty and very dark.


After 0514

Very satisfying to let some light in – now time to get busy figuring out what to do in this space. 🙂

Now, back to tuckpointing and cleaning out the loft area. We have a new plan for the back. Can’t wait to get that completely cleared and ready for whatever is next!

2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. This is great! We just recently moved to the neighborhood and are searching for similar projects to undertake. Nice to see someone with the same mindset. Best of luck!

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