Sometimes it has to be the little things

It’s frustrating when we can’t move quickly enough – which is most of the time!

So – now’s the perfect opportunity to savor some little things.

Like the wild daisy/aster things that are considered weeds but look lovely. Though we’ll have to mow them down or be cited for not keeping the grass cut. Which is sad, because:  “Scientists have found that wild daisies grow in lawns that are deficient in lime. The daisies somehow collect or manufacture and store lime in their tissue. When the daisies die, the lime is deposited in the topsoil. This continues until the lime becomes sufficient for the lawn, then the wild daisies disappear.[

Read more:

Pretty cool. I do believe we’ll mow around them.


Then there’s the hinge we unearthed. Sadly, we won’t be using these everywhere, but at least we know what they used to be in this building.


And, then there’s the simple accomplishment of removing plywood to get the glass in – let there be light! Plus – I’ve learned to cut glass and think it’s kind of fun.


Finally – we found a 1934 wheat penny yesterday. Just laying on the ground in the area where we’ve been working on the foundation. Sometimes after a hard rain, things just float up. Sadly, even with readers we had to use the eyes of the teenager to get the date.

219,080,000 wheat pennies were minted in 1934 – according to….in case you wondered.




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