Rain, rain, and more rain….and a worm

Not much happening with this weather…here are some songs with rain in them:

Purple Rain – Prince
Red Rain – Peter Gabriel
It’s Raining Men – Weathergirls
Feels Like Rain – John Hiatt/Buddy Guy
Singin’ in the Rain – Gene Kelly
Kentucky Rain – Elvis
The Rain – Missy Elliot

That’s the extent of my “rain” library. I know there are more – these are just what comes to mind.

We didn’t get much done last weekend due to work schedules, weather, and teenager/s….

FoundationBut, we did do some digging for the foundation – prepping for tuck-pointing. We have to take the dirt down about a foot – over the years it has risen to cover the foundation and brick – which would ultimately wreak havoc.




And, here’s a fine specimen of a worm – a big, healthy worm.

Mr Worm
Always makes me happy to find them. Although what we’re digging is mostly clay. Amazing they find their way through this. Even after a hard rain, it’s dry and compact. I’ve always thought Kentucky clay could make great earthenware things – I’m sure someone is doing that. Well – I googled it. Maybe not. But, there is a Kentucky company that sells Kentucky and Tennessee clay:  Old Hickory Clay Company.

Also, earthworms have special cells that can sense light (they have no eyes) and they have five hearts. They breathe through their skin and need 40% moisture. They have gizzards like a chicken.


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