Memorial Day and Mulberries

Busy weekend. Crammed in some work on the building in-between a little travel and regular work.

Pretty pleased with what we got done – though it is never enough! There are not enough hours in the days.

But, first – trees! The mulberries are ripe and plentiful. Looked them up and learned they are one of the few berries that provide iron and also vitamin K. Amanda, next door with Louisville Lots of Food, says there is a white mulberry down the street. The birds are loving the berries. There are a couple of mockingbirds that entertain us pretty regularly.


The Catalpa is also blooming. The flowers are lovely – they look like orchids – and they smell great. The long bean pods are interesting too. Apparently, the Catalpa is the sole source of food for the catalpa sphinx moth. Their caterpillars make good bait for fishing and, according to the internet, some people plant Catalpas just for that reason. I’ve never heard or seen that.


Nature aside, we did work on the building this weekend. It’s starting to get warm so we want to get the last of the inside cleaning out done before it’s sweltering.

We’ve been cited for having unpainted plywood on the front of the windows (and elsewhere – but everywhere else is done). We’d been debating what to do with the windows since we will be replacing them with the correct size and didn’t want to waste time and resources beautifying something impermanent. They’re a little difficult to reach too since our scaffolding was stolen. I wish I had a good before picture because I’m pleased with how they turned out.

We removed the old plywood and pulled out the small vinyl replacement windows. The old framing is intact! And – it is curved which is really pretty. We’ll probably still have to replace it completely, but it is nice when the original elements survive. I leaned out the window to paint the trim (I don’t advise this). And, now they have temporary covers which should be fine until we get the replacement windows or build the shutters. The shutters will probably come first.


From the outside….much better! I love how these buildings really considered air flow and light. We don’t intend to install A/C so that’s important.


Oh – we also got some of the fence up. One step closer to bringing Sally with us. I’m kind of loving this lattice – which surprises me. There are green beans planted in front and Mexican sunflowers. I’m hoping they’ll come along even in the clay soil. Still have to get a gate up – but that will probably be next weekend.

New Fence

And…building some exterior solar lights – an experiment. Coming soon.

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