Enough about glass

This is the last post about windows and broken glass.

Recently I heard David Dafoe (Flavorman) speak about rehabbing property on 8th Street. He said people warned him about putting glass in – they told him it would just be broken. And, he ignored them and put in a (mostly) glass wall. (It’s a very cool space – the Distilled Spirits Epicenter). He said they’ve never had a window broken.

We did a lot of philosophizing trying to answer the question, “to reglaze or not to reglaze”. There is a ton of research out there about broken windows and social controls, etc. One of the best things i read in the process of learning is, “Fear is elevated as perception of disorder rises; creating a social pattern that tears the social fabric of a community, and leaves the residents feeling hopeless and disconnected.” Thus the reglazing.

We’ll paint the trim this weekend (hopefully).



Pretty much finished (finally) the structure for the water cubes on the back. Amanda Next Door (Louisville Lots of Food) will use these to water her orchard and other things. It’s starting to get really dry so this will be finished just in time. Now we need it to rain again. We have lots of roof surface so will putting another (or two) of these elsewhere.



Got permission from our neighbor to remove the falling fence in the back.


Pretty pleased that this is gone.


We have big (well, medium) plans for a cool fence (or screen) here. I kept driving past Niemco and seeing a stack of steel panels that reminded me of a Frank Lloyd Wright window. Turns out they’re blanks from the laser cutting/stamping they do for parts. They were sending them to recycling so we took them off their hands. They’ll make good fence panels and look kind of cool. Just have to figure out how to frame them.

They look kind of like this only bigger and more random in pattern:



They remind me of this:

FLW Windwo

Tomatillos and other things we planted (that I didn’t mark so can’t recall what they are) are coming in – now we need a little rain.




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