Tree vandalism and miscellany

Well. We were so pleased to plant an oak tree to keep our little crabapple company, but someone evidently has a thing against trees.

sad oak tree

In the ground less than 48 hours. We will plant another.

May have posted the completed water tanks already, but I know the gutter board and gutter hadn’t been replaced and I really don’t want to forget how happy I am to see that finished – so it’s worth a double post.


We really would prefer to use half round from Corken Steel, but in the interest of time this will have to do for the backside. It still looks better than the “bendy-straw”, leaky gutter it replaced. And, the rotting boards. Loving this paint from Lowe’s Valspar historic collection – Lincoln Cottage Black. Not really black, but not dark green, goes on great and has a nice luster.

Marigolds are doing great in spite of the poor soil and dry conditions. Not the favorite French Marigolds, but still looking good. And, whatever it is that is planted in the back “rubble and dirt” garden is coming on strong. Might be round, yellow cucumbers. But, it might be something else. I should have marked them because I can’t remember.

marigolds  cucumbers


Also, mostly got the gate up – I think.


Been traveling this week so trying to pick up little bits of inspiration here and there, as follows:


Really want to naturalize as much of the yard as possible. These gardens are a great example – and good for jogging the memory about the possibilities. This is do-able. Just have to find a way to keep it from looking scraggly in the “between” seasons.

natural grasses echinacea

And then there’s this velvety black petunia. This petunia and black elephant ears and black mondo grass. They’re all a little disco-y. And, also – pink muhly grass. Would make a great Dr. Seuss landscape.

black petunia

Building Materials/Creative Re-Use

And this really great architectural artifacts store – you can tell this guy really loves the items he collects and has just parlayed it into a business. I wish I’d taken pictures of his car collection. This guy and the late Bob Cassilly of City Museum. So fun.

arch artifacts

Finally – there’s this. At the Francisco el stop. I’m going to do something like this mosaic carpet sidewalk. Somewhere. Sometime.

mosaic sidewalk


2 thoughts on “Tree vandalism and miscellany

  1. Hey guys –

    Looks like a lot of progress to me! I’ll drop by one weekend soon, if you’re there great if not no worries…….with attitude and ambition carry on!


    • Hey Loretta – Please do! I’ll be there Friday and all weekend (and most every weekend except next weekend) – but you might be one of those people who actually has plans for the 4th! 🙂

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