Scary stuff

Haven’t posted in a while. Summer break – work – kids, etc. But, school starts Thursday. Short break, but we’re going to year-round so that means longer fall and spring breaks! Yay.

Last weekend was Forecastle Fest  – which means, we….worked on the building! Learned to tuckpoint – I think if I do it long enough I can be fast. It’s pretty gratifying work. Anxious to get it all done – but will be taking this week to work on something else (and leave M to the tuckpointing).

Did get a concrete pad broken out to help improve the drainage. We have decided that for the past 50 years, the solution to everything has been to pour concrete on it. After I pulled this out – there was more. Then there was brick. Still have a little clean-up to do on it.

Concrete pad

Pretty excited about this week. Got a dumpster yesterday and about to dive into the part of this project I’ve been dreading the most (so far anyway).

Over the years, the people who worked on this building decided the cellar would be a good place to dump construction debris….roofing, wood, maybe even garbage, some pieces of furniture. That’s what I can see just looking down. I can’t even tell how deep it is. I’ve only been down there once. It’s treacherous because it shifts all the time when you walk on it. And there are cobwebs everywhere. And, I am sure there are snakes. I hope no one who ever rented here had a pet python. The horror.

I am not looking forward to this. At all. Nope.

Planning a makeshift haz-mat suit with a respirator and we’re going to peel up part of the floor because the thought of being stuck in that low-hanging space with whatever might live down there just isn’t cool. The real fear is snakes. I know they’re down there. And, I’m sure they’re not poisonous, but they exist. I know there are brown recluses – but I think I can dodge them.

For real. Not looking forward to this at all. Probably will start that on Sunday.

Out of photos for the moment because I shattered my phone. Hopefully there will be some “after” photos of a pristine cellar – snake and spider-free.