Tucking and Pointing

Tuck. Point. Tuck. Point. Sounds like ballet. Here it is – progress!

middle wall left side

Maybe three more days and we’ll be finished with this side! Then we may – or may not – limeewash it.

pavers 2 bricks

And free brick pavers from a friend! Nearly 1,200 – perfect for….we’re not sure yet – but we’ll use them. No way we won’t after loading them and unloading them. Sore for days. A common brick weighs about 4 lbs – so I’m guessing these weighed about 4,800 lbs. Moved twice, that is 9,600 lbs. That’s over 4 tons. Good exercise! (The pic is just the first load)

front tuckpointing

We also tuckpointed the separating area in the front. Still need to paint it.


We’ve removed the bricks that were stuck in the original doorways. There were transom windows over the top – with an arch. The doorways were originally 8 ft tall – and were bricked up to accommodate standard doors. It just so happens we purchased some really great, heavy solid doors at the Restore several months ago for something else – something we decided not to do. And, they fit! As soon as the tuckpointing around the doorways is finished, M will build the frames and we will have doors! Big, tall doors! (I know. Excessive use of exclamation points.)


Moving upstairs. This is our new view looking northwest from the stairwell. Not loving it, but guess it will be better when it’s finished. We had purchased a very large window to replace the “door to nowhere” that’s there now – but we’ll have to do something different.

wood floors

And – also upstairs. Pulled up the plywood flooring in the front room. And, behold! Not terrible floors – there are a few soft spots that need replacing, but not that many. This makes me happy.

This does too – a monarch butterfly flitting around the Mexican sunflowers. I will plant these the rest of my life. I love them.


3 Trees

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. But, when is it not?

Those logs we had out front are now a bench – a rustic bench. Built by our talented neighbor down the street. He snuck over in the middle of the night and made them into a bench. Very cool. And, very kind. I will have to post a picture later – or give the bench its own post. It’s been too dark when I leave to get a good photo. You won’t find it on the internet, but several years ago his rustic furniture was written up in the C-J. I hope he makes more.

My favorite thing this week is the fact that we got three trees in the ground. That doesn’t sound like that much, but considering the the city paved over the tree wells a couple of years ago so we had to sledgehammer them out makes me pretty proud of planting three. It was incredibly hot. I think the two of us went through 24 bottles of water.

Now we have the little old crabapple. It has been the only tree on the block for a really long time. It has been so badly trimmed over the years, it looks like a bonsai. We planted an elm, a birch, and a catalpa. We evened out the soil and put in a brick edging. So far, so good!

tree wells in progress 2 finished tree wells

Also got our lime putty mixed and cured. Ready for more tuckpointing – if the rain and weird lightening storms will hold off for a while. Yesterday a friend offered up 1000 free bricks! Picked up and unloaded the first truckload today. Excited to have them! We bought some previously from the guy who has been demolishing the old tobacco warehouse for years. Bill is his name – I can’t remember his last name. He tore down the building several years ago and sells the materials. It was a huge project and he’s been working on it for years. Sadly, I saw that the property is being sold at the next commissioner’s sale. All that work and time he invested. It was just such a huge project.

Lime putty looks like a big blob of mashed potatoes.

lime putty

And, how about this cool thing – a repair station for bikes. Saw this over in Jeffersonville. We don’t get out much, so maybe these are everywhere – but I had never seen one before. I want one in front of our building. There were tons of cyclists going by on Saturday.

repair station

Found some critters the other day. These caterpillars are creepy looking. The eye spots are actually not on the end where there heads are….


I think it’s a sphinx moth caterpillar. We kept seeing something fluttering around at night at the Mexican sunflowers. It looked like a hummingbird the way it flew – but now I think it is this thing. It’s a night pollinator.

And then there’s this….the discarded skin of one of my least favorites. Snakes. Yeah – it’s small. But, the fact that this exists means it grew or is growing. I saw a little one when I was moving bricks the other day. There is a little kind of snake that is specific to vacant, urban areas. But, I don’t know what it is called and they are only about five inches long and live underground most of the year. I don’t think this skin belongs to one of those.

I still haven’t gone in the cellar. Can’t put it off much longer. We have to hook up water.

snake peeling

Growing season is just about over in our little weedy garden patch. We have a ton of Delicata squash. They are awesome.  Was so thrilled that the brussel (one L or two?) were doing well. These pics were taken about two days apart. I should have dusted them with diatomaceous earth. Now we have brussell sprout lace.

brussell sproutsbrussel sprout lace

The tomatillos are doing well, but still not ready for picking. And, the cantaloupes….

Learned something very important this weekend. Apparently, cantaloupes are way more fun to play with than the Kong dog toy. Sally loves them and picked three off the plants. She played with them like they were toys and then ate them. Guess we won’t be having any cantaloupes.

cantaloupe thief

Hike, Bike and Paddle is tomorrow. Sounds like fun. But, all the streets will be closed. Last year the police yelled at us when we tried to get to the building through the Niemco parking lot and Nelligan even though Nelligan wasn’t closed. I can’t remember how we finally got there. They’ll probably yell at us again tomorrow. We’ll see.

That is all.