Tucking and Pointing

Tuck. Point. Tuck. Point. Sounds like ballet. Here it is – progress!

middle wall left side

Maybe three more days and we’ll be finished with this side! Then we may – or may not – limeewash it.

pavers 2 bricks

And free brick pavers from a friend! Nearly 1,200 – perfect for….we’re not sure yet – but we’ll use them. No way we won’t after loading them and unloading them. Sore for days. A common brick weighs about 4 lbs – so I’m guessing these weighed about 4,800 lbs. Moved twice, that is 9,600 lbs. That’s over 4 tons. Good exercise! (The pic is just the first load)

front tuckpointing

We also tuckpointed the separating area in the front. Still need to paint it.


We’ve removed the bricks that were stuck in the original doorways. There were transom windows over the top – with an arch. The doorways were originally 8 ft tall – and were bricked up to accommodate standard doors. It just so happens we purchased some really great, heavy solid doors at the Restore several months ago for something else – something we decided not to do. And, they fit! As soon as the tuckpointing around the doorways is finished, M will build the frames and we will have doors! Big, tall doors! (I know. Excessive use of exclamation points.)


Moving upstairs. This is our new view looking northwest from the stairwell. Not loving it, but guess it will be better when it’s finished. We had purchased a very large window to replace the “door to nowhere” that’s there now – but we’ll have to do something different.

wood floors

And – also upstairs. Pulled up the plywood flooring in the front room. And, behold! Not terrible floors – there are a few soft spots that need replacing, but not that many. This makes me happy.

This does too – a monarch butterfly flitting around the Mexican sunflowers. I will plant these the rest of my life. I love them.


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