Better late than never….

Don’t really believe that, but September and October are “lost months”. Too busy to feel they were productive even though they were.

Lots of tuckpointing – nearly to the bottom of the windows on the….side. East side? Yes. The sunrise side. Got some of the roofing tar and asphalt off using the heat gun. Have to get all of it off before tuck pointing underneath.¬†Tough to find a day to do that with all the rain. Electrocution wouldn’t be my first choice.

Also took out the messed up brick that closed up the original height of the doors – well, not just the doors – that brickwork probably closed up a transom window area. We’ll put transoms back in. Still can’t quite figure out the original architecture of this building. There’s an interior window that looks like it was originally an exterior, but the brickwork looks a little seamless – so it’s tough to tell. Seems like that would be easy to figure out, but it’s not. Very strange.

New gutterboards are up – finally. No pics of that either. Temperamental iphone camera is messing with my photography. Bought gutters – galvanized, yay – from Corken. 6-inch, half-round. So cool. Probably will use PVC downspouts. Metal would just be too tempting. Love the fluted galvanized downspouts though. House jewelry – ha.

corrugated downspout

Should have the gutters up by Wednesday this week. Have to drain the water tanks in the back also before they freeze.

Now that it’s cold, work will move inside for a bit. Still have some trees to plant. Hope they’re still alive. It took forever to get the “call before you dig” to respond and then the window of opportunity for free time for planting disappeared.

Going into the cellar today. Hoping the cold has killed off some spiders and slowed down any snakes that might be down there. Have only been in it once. Creepy. It’s pretty¬†neat – you can stand up in it – it’s full height. Can’t wait to clean it out and lime wash it. But, not looking forward to this at all.

Here’s some stuff we found. A broken pottery jug. Teeth – I think horse teeth? What else has teeth this big besides cattle?

little brown jug horse teeth

And this dog. Who sat in the truck for about three hours one day while we worked, because she likes to ride. Bless her. She’s such a joy and a wild thing.

Sally in Truck