Hap-py New Year!

2015 is going to be great. I just know.

Months ago our neighbor down the street came over in the middle of the night and made a rustic bench from the stumps we had in front of the window. He used to make rustic furniture and sell it in front of his house – the one on the corner with the antlers over the door. He’s a hoot and a good neighbor. I promised I’d post a picture of it….here it is festooned with greenery (also provided by another good neighbor).

A couple of these would be great at the 22nd & Portland bus stop. Anything would be an improvement over nothing – really. There is always someone waiting for a bus there and nowhere to sit, or place grocery bags, or kids.


Geno's Bench


With the really cold weather, we’ll be focusing on the inside for a bit. Planning a bigger garden and flower bed for the back. Hoping to put in a couple of fig trees. Our neighbor behind us has a tree service and gives me free mulch – very convenient. Thank you, Turner Tree Service. Still have some trees to plant, but need to rent a gas saw on a nice day. We’ll get to that when it warms up a bit.

At any rate – really psyched for a good year. Anxious to get the Italianate windows in the front – that’s a next step and coming soon.

So – happy new year – here’s to it!

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