Missing the sun

Missing the long days when it’s still light after business hours. The days are already getting longer and lighter though, so we’ll spend these darker days planning. I hate winter. Weather like this, I miss NOLA. Actually – lots of days make me miss NOLA. Cold makes me whiny – apologies.

Good things happening though. Business plans are coming together for the front and the back. We thought the front concrete block section would be the first to be productive, but now it may be the back. Hope to have a usable phone (and thus camera) by the weekend. Hate not being able to take photos.

Hope to get our quote for the front upstairs windows this week. Fred from Caldwell Sash came and measured last week. He does nice work. M and I argue all the time on what we have to compromise on – he won this one. Anxious to have these done. Nothing moves fast enough. And – at the same time – everything moves too fast.

Finally mulched the planting bed in the back. Moving old straw from our chicken house (now empty thanks to the predator that picked off our chickens at the rate of one a day) onto the garden bed this weekend, then will work it into the soil probably in March. It would be nice to have chickens at the building, but the soil is contaminated in many areas (lead) so probably not the best idea. They are relaxing to watch. Like a poultry aquarium.

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