How can it be June already?

Been a little remiss in documenting on here. Doesn’t mean there’s no progress-just need to pick up the pace.

Have been moving the soil away from the east side of the building. Never really had a drainage issue there, but it was sloping toward the foundation and needed to be changed. Due to budget, we thought it would be a project a couple years down the road, but thanks to Turner Tree Service and the generous use of their Bobcat, it’s almost complete-thank you Turner Tree Service!

In the process-we found some cool things. Like…two old brick cisterns. So excited about these. Even though there are a million other things I should do-really going to try to dig around in them to see what we find even if it just means recovering some of the old brick. Another clue to the history!

You can’t really tell from the photo, but here’s one nonetheless:

  Hope to have some time to explore it.

Ambitious goals for the side. Have to get the doors in, finish the tuckpointing, get the windows in on the upstairs and finish the side yard (including the horseshoe pit) this summer. Progress needs to be made before fall.

Planted a late garden again-some standards-cucumbers, corn, beans. Most excited about the pumpkins and watermelons-fun things to share. The pumpkins must love the dirt, they’re already large.

Also planted artichokes. Never grown them before, but thistles do well in the worst of conditions so thought they were worth trying. They take two years to produce though. Patience.

Still have sidewalk trees to plant down the street in front of Kathy’s house. We promised so need to get on that.

Here’s the coolest thing we found while moving dirt.

This might be the most interesting thing we’ve found. Though I also loved the lead WWI soldier.

This is a taxi license from 1960! Have to research it. More later!